Monday, August 22, 2005


I cry
Keith just wrote a song called CornyGirl on his new computer program Garage Band, it's 100 percent hook! Bloody hell keith, does your talent, invasive like kudzu, know NO BOUNDS? Someday all that'll be left will be you and the cockroaches, bonding and making joyful elecrtro-pop ballads together.

Now be a good boy and find a home for your song on the web so I can link to it

Do the lyrics go "Hey there Corny Girl, there's another Corny inside of you..." ???
Keith takes pictures of his poo.
His song must be fabulous.
HAHahaha pig snout you have the gift of song too, no?

Susan, Keith can be a sick mofo, he definitely crossed some of my more delicate lines with that entry
Yes my more delicate side, yet the sick mofo side definitely appreciated it.
And as a mother I see it all the time anyway.
Kids don't flush...
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