Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here's whats new on my Hi-Fi this week: Dogs ------------Turn Against This land Goldfrapp------ Supernature The Rakes------ Capture/Release The Cribs------- The new Fellas WelshRareBeat (compelation by the Superfurries) Clor Sons and Daughters also New but old: The Tears---------- Hear Comes the Tears Fiery Furnaces ----BlueberryBoat Mando Diao Box Codax Clor is supersonic, undefinable, must hear music. Here's a telling interview with Clor from PlayLouder and one of the BEST VIDEOS ever (Keith had this on his blog las month). Also just saw that Sons and Daughters are playing this friday at the Mercury Lounge.

Dear Corny: I seen you in that painting of Pantera. Was you really in the audience and if so, why wasn't I told?

Coors Lite Twins from Gliese 19
My dearest CoorsLiteTwinsfromGliese,

Must I chronicle every nano-second of my life? I accept that I do, and maybe it's time to level with you people anyhow. Your not the first to investigate the accuracy of my reporting and the last thing I need are Twins from Gliese snooping around...
No I wasn't "there" EXACTLY, but in animal spirit (Bearhawk) I soared above the pandemonium. Really, I was soaring...
will you still read my blog or have I dissapointed you? Have I broken the trust?
-exposed and ruined
Dear Corny--you have never yet disappointed us, the Coors Lite Twins from Gliese 19, nor could you if you tried. You are literally the light of our life, I say "life" for we are conjoined. Now letus level with you: Today we were stung by a man-o-war jellyfish the size of your coffee table while surfing--no shit--everyone saw it, and we cried. Hopefully the video of Clor will ease our pain. And yes, you must share every nanosecond of your life with us, the Coors Lite Twins from Gliese 19, for we desire to learn of your earthly ways and besides, you're the one who started this amazing blog.

Keep up the gøød Verk! ;-)
A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
Stewart Alsop- Posters.
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