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Five Lesbian Brothers Storm Off Broadway

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Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey, and Lisa Kron make up the Five Lesbian Brothers. last night, Mrs. Cub and I joined other elite members of the media to see their new play, Oedipus at Palm Springs.
The action takes place in a lesbian desert resort run by a blind seer (played by Babs Davy to hilarious ends, no cliche about a desert hippy is left unturned). Two couples are vacationing together, Fran and Con have a kid and are expeirenceing severe Lesbian Bed Death. Their marriage is fucked. The other couple can't keep their hands off eachother. Prin, a butch with commitment problems is about to propose to Terry, a cute fem and 20 years her junior. At the core of the play are musings on the nature of relationships; bringing up the question, can you be in a normal stable healthy relationship and still have a sex life? Meanwhile, Terry is looking for her Birth mother...
A dramatic twist worthy of Douglas Sirk or uh, Sophocles, totally suprised me. Humor drains out of the play and we're caught in a serious and tumultuous melodrama. That in itself a surprise. They definitely carried it off, Peg Healy has an amazing (and sexy) presence on stage, Lisa Kron is SPOT ON and Dominique Dibbell does a fantastic job handeling the high drama. This play is a gutsy shift from satire and camp into drama. Their brilliant humor is still there and then some. Well done Lesbian Brothers!

79 E. Fourth St.
Manhattan, NY
Through Aug. 28
Daily Price: $60 -I know, but all good things hurt a little, try this for a big discount (thanks Bloggy)
Box office: 212-239-6200

I don't know if the discount is still valid, but I linked to one for the show here.
Corn: there is a neat video of Pete Dougherty at, your email is all wacked-out, on purpose Trent?
why no mention of all the nudity?
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