Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Dimebag Darrell

Dimebag sm
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Check out Tom Sanfords painting of the moment after some nutter stormed the stage at a Pantera concert earlier this year, shooting and killing guitarist Dimebag Darrell (and others). I'm there, down on the right in profile, exactly where I was the night of the shooting. Tom has another new painting up at Leo Koenigs, in fact the whole crew has new works up. Also the Ketchup Mustard War is finished and has joined the show.

hey corny
thanks for the shout out.
you're the bees' knees!
I could have my bloggers licence revoked for posting a measley crap little thumbnail of such a work as this, no justice, not a shred of justice.
Justice or none. Big gratitude to the poster and the painter. Stunning and moving. Works in a couple different directions, and then says goodbye with a hard, hard wave. Fuck.
Hey! Can you get me on Leo Koenig's mailing list? I keep trying and never hear from the gallery. It looks like someoene let the domain expire too...
hey barry, email me your address

I'll let him know about his website...
That's Tom Sanford? That's different.
I'd appreciate! I've been planning to get my nose straightened and this blog seems to be very informative for people like me that look out for info on rhinoplasty
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