Wednesday, July 06, 2005


We teased our Hair into Giant Afros

hiking with Mrs.Cub 2
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and went for a strenuous, nay, bone crushingly brutal hike yesterday. Today all the muscles are stuck in a prone position, yet was able to drag body of pain uptown to the Whitney to discuss supposed book project with the the Lords of The Book. Fully exfoliated in vat of boiling Lysol and dressed in germ free gloves, I was allowed to look at books by the likes of Robert Gober, Kiki Smith and God. Very nice, very smart books in all shapes and sizes with all manors of printing and no expense spared. I must to look at more artist books. It is a strange and rareified crevasse of the art world, and you know how I feel about cavasses.

Very excellent. Slothy once saw a book by Eric Fischl of really beautiful watercolors. Memorable. Had to wear a full-body condom, if memory serves.
Thanks Slothy, I'll try to see the Eric Fischl book next time I go. Welcome home.
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