Wednesday, July 13, 2005



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I've got some extra time on my hands this summer and I was thinking, hey, Tuva is promoting tourism, can I get involved? Against the rugged landscape of western Siberia, the woeful and meaninless sounds of throat singing fills the Tuvan market place and sinks in your mind as a keg of alcoholic cheese drink slipping into a vat of blood burgers might. Reindeers have political control of this isolated republic and enforce strong and oppressive measures against the population however they do have Stevie Nicks stamps, HELLO?!?! You can take a horse trip like these adventurous blokes. Tuva, who! .

Never underestimate Her Power.
I don't wandee, I never would. Thank you for capitalizing "Her" and "Power".
I deeply love Stevie Nicks. And have always wanted to go to Siberia. Thank you for spreading the good news.
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