Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Segway+Lesbians= International Coffees Moment

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"sporty woman" love Segways, period. Stanya and Harriet and baby Lenny joined me in Chelsea today for a quick look around the galleries. Harry rates all art between 1 and 1000. Most of what we saw landed firmly in the 300-400 range. However we all agreed the show at Feigen has many choice nuggets, and there was a brilliant photo at Monica Rowe by a couple of girls whos names I forgot, also we enjoyed Mike Kelly's stuff at Metro, oh yeah, also there is a sculpture in the back room of Pretzel I quite liked, a giant peice of green foam with gashes that have bricks stuck into them (not unlike this)... reminding me of the early days of my romance with Mrs.Cub.

Ahhhh, that picture brings me back.
XXX The Mrs.
Mrs.Cub you make bricks seem positively naughty.
good article!

Corny! Are you going to be riding a Segway? That would look rad. Hyena False Penis points out that "Segway" is an anagram for "Sew Gay..." coincidence? Or proof of the existence of god?
Hyena False Penis is correct as usual. Anangrams reveal the hidden truths in language. God made it sew. I know I'll look fabu arriving to the fryolator on my Segway and I may stay on it all night, I no longer enjoy walking or remember how.
Cool! Corny, is your Segway pimped? Does it have the spinning hubcaps and blinking neon? Is it upholstered with genuine whale foreskin?
Enjoyed a lot! » » »
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