Monday, July 11, 2005


Oi! Pete get it sorted!

Pete Painting; Work in continual progress
Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Poor ol' Pete, is the tide-a-turning? Live8 was tits, according to most people except for some folks at The Shambles got kicked off the Oasis tour, there are rumors that the band is splitting up, Pete's dealer is spreading the word that he supplied him and kate with crack for Glastonbury. according to the NME, "-come on, man! You have to at least look like your trying." The Fuck Forever single release has been pushed back to August 8th, I read a hilarious rumor he was thinking of re-naming the band "The Pete". Art Rocker on Glastonbury, "There's a thin line between being endearingly shambolic and sounding like you can't actually play and the `Shambles tread it with all the precision of an elephant on an absinthe bender." Just as I'll always wear my Darrel Strawberry jersey to Yankee games, I'll stick by Pete till the end. He is a genius song writer, all the best Libs songs are songs he wrote. I heart beautiful pathetic messes.

Superdreamy painting. I want to be where he is with my thoughts disintegrating into multi-colored pizza dough.
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