Friday, July 15, 2005



I thought I'd take a stab at a lil' art show. I wish my pictures were bigger...

Corny, this show blows me away. It's just as great as would be expected, and better. The Bellows, the Picabia, and the Delvaux are a fabulosity... but all of your choices are really great, honestly. How, oh how did you find such gems? Heaps of thanks. Much to feed from.
THANKS Sloth! I got most of them from the Metropolitan Museum website, they have a good deal of their permanent colletion on line, also I think the Munch is and Picabia are from Google Image searching their names...
Would be swell if everyone did monthly shows, it's so satisfying to see everyones choices.
Beautiful Corny, especially Munch, Picabia and anything to do with the Judith/Holofernes debacle is excellent to me. Monthly shows? How about every other day. I am trying to hold back from doing another right away. I am loving seeing all the choices of everyone too, it's totally inspiring. Thanks!!
Korny! Kracking good show! Kurious, kurageou, and kooky, just like all art shows should be. Thank you one again for being a kultural beacon.
I seemed to have commented on the wrong spot. Excellent show...especially the Picabia. I had forgotten about his incredibleness!
isn't the piece labeled DiLorenzo Piero DiCosimo? Good choices Corny!
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