Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Ketchup Mustard War

ketchup Mustard War
Originally uploaded by Corncub.
<<<< potentially humiliating blog post>>>>>
This is one of the unfinished paintings in my studio (which was LITERALLY a broiling thousand degrees today) that is crushing my soul. There are many hot dogs and sausages on the ground at the bottom of the painting and a lot of messy red and yellow paint splattered around causing havoc... I'm ok with it for the most part excepting the FRIGGEN face and hands of the referee, my goddess, why is it skin so oppressive?

This is a truly excellent painting, Corny. Sometimes it just needs a little vacation for us to see how great it really is.
p.s. at risk of sounding all formal and everything, the shape of the hot dogs and sausages and such is echoed by the negative space between the ref's legs. Kind of postive/negative, male/female. Scrumptious. And, as always with corny® images, delightfully perverse.
Corny, I have to say, I am beguiled by this condiment war you have depicted. Who can say which will win? Hot dogs are a worthy subject at any rate. Nice going.
You guys are the wind beneath my wings... Thanks for the moral support, the war is not won yet but the coalition of the willing (me, myself and I) will be be fighting the good fight again today.
Any chance you would post a painting MM, Slothy?
Corny--I love nothing more than condiments!! You have captured the power and intensity of their deliciousness.
Okay Corny, here are 2:
Crybaby (small)
Balls Out (big)
Best painting since From Success to Obscurity
Thanks PMB and Sixfootcat, condiments are delicious but dangerous and basically hostile by nature, wanting to obliterate the flavor of their host food.
Sixfootcat, I'd like to make a life size painting of you.
Clearly mustard is winning this war of yours seeing as there are no hamburger, french fries or scrambled eggs fighting for ketchup's la an-ti-cipa-a-tion!!
Hot dogs are mear collateral damage in the great condement war...
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