Sunday, July 31, 2005


Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore
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Mrs.Cub and I spent the weekend there with the Hort family, lovely weekend except for an awkward moment when Susan Hort caught Mrs.Cub toking a spliff in the bathroom.

I think the Hort family should start an art blog documenting there really interesting collection of art.
You knows it Patrick, Michael has some good collecting stories, like getting a Neo Rausch for $5000
So, Jesse Wiedel is my friend! He is definitely a cool guy!
I have been trying to talk him into a bigger and better blog for his amazing art and other strange oddities he might share with us.....Have you been doing yoga? Do you go to a shala?
Get out, what a small world, Jessy's art rules.
I guess one would say I do yoga-light, I like to try and be upside down at least a few minutes every day. I need to find a class I like, been busy, I know, lame excuse.
Since you like to be upside down and obviously like music (understatement?), have you thought of Jivamukti?
I know there classes are packed but they rock out and sweat, go upside down and do crazy chanting sometimes. I gotta have loud music and sweat, otherwise it's not as much fun. There's a punk rock yoga class in Seattle that sounds super , tattooed kids with crazy hair doing yoga, how cool is that!
Jesse is a beacon of hope for us in Humboldt...
Gooey Ducks grow to about two pounds in four or five years.
[url=]gooey duck[/url]
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