Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Elk Guy on the Moon

Elk guy on the moon
Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Jealous acquaintances are now requesting that I turn A Blog Called Nowhere into a news blog, (as if thats not what I'm already doing here, but I wont split hairs with you people), so being a mature member of the media who accepts criticism no matter how inane, I have summoned my animal spirit who has sent inspiration via flying saucer, and now I would like to introduce a NEW column!!!;

Great/ UpForDebate/Defribrillate

Mrs. Cub and I are off to the Cape. We'll be cold-chillin with my peeps on an island off Welfleet called Ragged Clam Isle. I would like to bring the computer but Mrs.Cub says no and is being a real hard ass about it. Back next week.

It would really bum Mrs Cubs stone if she used that grate of paper.
I think it's grate about your mate.
That's a great story. Waiting for more. »
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