Saturday, July 09, 2005



camo pants
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Like many of todays top rated artists, I too have lived in Elizaville NY. Along with the inimitable Barbara Ess (who is being molested by wild turkeys as we "speak") Polly Alpfelbaum and the unreasonably tallented painter, Susanne Mcclelland also be cold chill'n in E-ville. Meanwhile the tedium of hot concrete, metal, tar, bloated wankers filling up new hotels -which are popping up all over the LES like 18 story glass and steel warts, and partying like its nineteen ninety-fricken-nine, also doing this in the apartment directy below me until 5:00AM is more then I can bare. I will be spending the remainder of the summer here. I'll have my cell phone with but please don't call unless it's truely necessary.

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