Friday, June 10, 2005


Torben Geigler Got Smashed

Torben Giehler
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and flew off his bike after a car door opened in front of him as he was speeding down to the Lorelei beer garten last night. he arrived banged up (his bruise looks like a mushy version of his paintings) and we toasted him with every new round of beer. Biking is decidedly less dangerous then skidiving, (according to Failure Analysis Associates) but who knew that biking is safer then plain old "living"?
I'm glad you're ok Torben. The Military is developing Liquid Armor) but it'll be a while 'till you find it in your local bike shop, in the meantime, please buy a helmet, even at the height of Pete Dohertys crack addiction, he always sported head gear if planning on a bike ride. Or maybe look into one of these.

To Torben !! I'm just drinking coffee but still to Torben, skol
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