Monday, June 27, 2005


Oil Tank

oil tank
Originally uploaded by Corncub.
You will be bombarded by pics from this weekend! This isn't the usual style for A Blog Called Nowhere but I must to share.
The wedding was beautiful, Amy and Layla's hoastessing skills are a marvelment, we formed a band, Amy let me paint on the oil tank next to their house, we dropped in on the Bard MFA kids who set up a bar called "the Riot" which was compleatly brilliant, Steiner and I felt it necessary to hang out there without our pants off...
Mrs. cub and I are partied out.

Oh Corn Cub, i wish you would paint my oil tank too! it is beeeyootiful!
Translation of previous garbled posting: Your oil tank painting is beautiful. I don't actually have an oil tank, beautiful or otherwise. Sad.
Thanks Slothy,I'm positive Amy and Layla would be willing to share the oil tank with you. You can pick it up any time, it's on the side of their house.
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