Sunday, June 19, 2005


Korny's Modern Dance Korner

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Heres Mike Iveson and Parker Lutz (who has received the Korny award for sexiest dancer in NYC) They're in a dance by Sarah Mitchelson at PS122 called Daylight. I don't know why it's called Daylight.
Claude Wampler painted the set. Mikey composed the music. Here's what the Times said and the Village Voice. I enjoyed it compleatly though at times I couldn't see a damm thing, or maybe just an ankle or something for minutes at a time, which I found to be pretty funny. Michelson purposely inhibits your view, putting big lighting units between the audience and the stage, using a lot of haze, then there are columns in the space and the way the stage is laid out, all contribute to a resistance to be seen. Maybe that has to do with her apparent stage fright? PS122 through June 26.

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