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Happy Trails Cat Stroller

Cat stroller
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Fasionistas, a new look for summer is rolling your way! The look: sleek/modern meets cat lover: a volatile combination! It folds for easy travel and the 8" wheels will glide smoothly over rough terrain, making it perfect for the cobblestoney streets of Meat Packing Districts world wide. I'm tempted by this, I'd love to be sauntering into Gagosian with my cat Cy leading the way.
I'm going out tomorrow to see shows. Recommendations welcome.

We once tried putting Cy on a leash since he always tried to get outside. Let's just say it was the second biggest disaster I've ever had with a cat, coming in a surprisingly close second to our attempts to toilet train our feline friends.
The felines play dead when leashed. There is limp weight situation which may be duplicated in the stroller. That cat looks stuffed.
Daniel, please do tell more about the toilet training....
Wick, I thought you knew the story. A certain mother-in-law of mine gave us a book about toilet training cats for Christmas in 2000 or 2001. We laughed at the absurdity of the idea, but she said that she had heard this book really worked. Reading the book, it did sound like it wouldn't be that hard. Then we saw some human interest spot or something on the news that showed cats who had been toilet trained, and we were convinced: we would end our litter box days forever!

Long story short: the cats responded very well to the first few stages of the program, and we got to the point of putting a tiny amount of litter on cellophane over the toilet every day with no apparent problems. But the final step (removing the cellophane) induced a feline rebellion. The cats were doing the cat version of the pee-pee dance for a few hours while we debated whether or not to give up. Then one of them decided to just go on the floor, and we pronounced the experiment a failure.

The leash experiment was almost as bad. Cy spent so much time mewling at the door that we decided he was absolutely desperate to go outside (maybe to visit the Meatpacking District, which was just 'round the corner). He acts dog-like in so many ways that we thought maybe he'd accept a leash. He had no problem with a collar, so we bought a so-called cat leash from the pet store and clipped it on. Instant horror show. Pace "cat fancy"'s comment above, Cy didn't play dead, but rather played "living dead", hunching his shoulders up and shuffling sideways like a zombie, then throwing himself against furniture or doing unsuccessful side flips. It was horrible. We finally learned our lesson and have never again tried to get our cats to do anything outside the realm of the expected.
OMG that is the funniest thing I've ever heard. Just picturing Cy hunched up and banging into furniture in his cat harness is cracking me up... poor lil guy. He still makes runs for the door when we open it for deliveries. I think he thinks we're out in the hall all day when we leave to go to work.
Sadly, I was a true believer in both these fantasies. I was the one who carefully built up a little step-stool next to the toilet out of old phone books (as directed by the guide). I was the one who carefully re-stretched saran-wrap over the toilet seat after each time I peed, sprinkling it with cat litter. I was the one who made encouraging scratching movements to the two desperate cats in front of me, to demonstrate that the toilet was their new litter box.
It seemed like we were heading for such a miraculous, better-smelling new litter-free life.
So take my next words with a grain of salt: I think I have seen these things in action. I was confused by it, as couldn't figure out where the baby sat, but didn't actually see the child , so am realizing it MUST HAVE BEEN A CAT! MAYBE IT REALLY WORKS!
On the other hand, Cy was always able to pick open the zipper on his cat bag...
maybe the trick is to lowered the saran-wrap streched over the toliet seat a little each time the cat uses it until finally the saran wrap is hitting the water and then the cat won't notice when it's not there. Anyone out there with a kitten willing to try this, please report back.
Roxana, as for being confused by cat strollers on the street, no kidding, one might think there was some kind of hidious monster-child penned up inside.
Just wanted to comment about the cat stroller. My wife and I sell them out of our shop and online at We carry three brands and nine styles, and the Happy Trails is the most popular and an easy stroller to recommend. It's very sturdy, folds very easily, and gives your cat great views. If your pet is well behaved, it also works well open with the sun shade extended. (And not to get too sales-y, but our price includes shipping, which beats Dr. Foster & Smith's price that excludes shipping.)
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