Friday, June 03, 2005



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I had a hearing test at St.Vincents yesterday because the constant ringing in my ears has recently gotten louder. Strange, I ran into Amy Cappalazzo and her kids while I was waiting to see the doctor, anyhow, seems there is nothing they can do for Tinnitus. My hopes of quietude dashed, I went to Tower and had a little spree. Gorillaz is #1 album in the UK this week. They exist only as cartoons and initially I was turned off by the gimmick but curiosity and a considerable amount of advertising got the best of me... I've only listened to 1/2 the cd but already I'm feeling the love for this band. Damon Albarn (Blur) is the leader and Danger Mouse is the producer (the production is amazing). Great electro with a little hip hop and experimental tomfoolery. I'm loving this CD. Best Price for Gorillaz Also got Miss Kitten's Mixing Me, the Rough Trade Shops best of 2004, the new Slater Kinney (the NME review said it was their best) and a New Order single featuring Ana Matronic. Also today, David Humphery's brilliantly curated show "Life and Limb" opens at Feigen Contemporary this eve.

Hi, Nicole. You know about my ArtCal, for your artcrawling, right?

Maybe James and I will see you at the Feigen opening. I love David's shows.

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