Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Gina X and stuff

GinaX performance x-traodinaire
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Bought some CDs yesterday
Gina-X: Nice Mover. 1979 German electro-disco Grace Joans. Boadwee describes her as a "crazy lesbian clown", She does refer to herself as "Gino" in a few of the songs but with androginous Savoir-faire more in league with Marlene Dietrich then say Margaret from Liguid Sky (despite what the picture on left looks like). She appears on Nag Nag Nag the awsome 2003 electro synthpop compilation lots of other compilations... Look for songs Nice Mover and No G.D.M.
Teenage Fanclub: Man Made. It's their newest. Boadwee swears by them, I'm still trying to get it. I like them, don't love them but open to hearing more of them.
"The Beatles and Kraftwerk’ may not have the ring of ‘The Beatles and the Stones’, but, nonetheless, these are the two most important bands in music history. Without Kraftwerk’s pioneering ‘robot pop’ there would have been no New Order, acid house, Prodigy, electroclash, grime or Daft Punk. Without The Rolling Stones there would have been no Black Crowes or Kasabian. And fewer posh, drug-addled poseurs in rock. Case closed."
This is a double live CD. A compilations of all their best material. It was playing it in OtherMusic just now and it sounded great, unlike your typical sloppy-ass, echoy live recordings, this sounds tight. This is a really nice CD.
Maximo Park: A certain Trigger. haven't listened to it yet, I'll get back on it tomorrow.

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