Sunday, June 12, 2005


The Finest Lesbos in the Land

Stanya and Larry on the trail
Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge are brilliant performance artists/film makers and now Moms to 6 month old Lenny. Here is Stanya's account of their backpacking trip to Los Padres National Forest with Lenny. Check out the pics from this trip, especially cool is the homemade baby sleeping bag made from a down vest.

"we weren't out for super long, two days. it was our first excursion with the boy to see how it would go. and we were trying out harry's lightweight family backpacking experimental gear. she customized a bunch of stuff so that i could carry the boy and some gear and she could carry everything else. it was awesome. so exciting and fun. the night time was not so fun, cuz he'a wakey little guy as it is,so trying to roll over and breast feed him back to sleep all night inslippery sleeping bags in a smallish tent with another person and two dogs was, well, ridykulous. but at least being sleepless the next day isn't so bad next to a beautiful creek with an ultra lightweight hammock to chilax in."

wow, like superheros, right?

This is my grandson's first camping trip and, frankly,I was pretty freaked out when they told me. The bears .... eeekkk!!
Grandma P
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