Sunday, May 15, 2005


A picture worth 100,000 words

K8 Originally uploaded by Corncub.
It's been a long strange weekend on guv'nors island. I met people, played spin the bottle with some shithot peeps, snogged with one very plucky K8 Hardy, whipped a reporter from the NYT's, slept for 1/2 an hour...See the pic's here. I'm feeling like a bobblehead right now. I drew up a list of artists that I proclaimed to be fighting for, part of the deal of being involved was having to "state our cause" (in front of an audience of 200 or more people) and I immediately regretted leaving off some people who are important to me. I'll do the list as it should have been read tomorrow. I had some issues with the muster as an art event, but basically it was a fantastic weekend and Allison Smith did a great job. Tomorrow I'll post the website you go to to get on the guest list for Fischerspooner who are playing this week.

Did you see yourself in the New York Times?
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