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Heres a list I've compiled of delusional movie stars who have thought it a good idea to start a band. All of them pretty much suck, the worst is Robert Downey Junior because I liked him so much as an actor and drug addict but he's ruined it all for me by putting out that dipstick album.
Shit List:
Keenu Reeves
Johnny Depp
Jared leto
Milla Jovovic
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Russel Crow
Don Johnson
Billy Bob Throton
Gina Gershon
John Tesh
Steven Seagull
Kevin Bacon
Bruce Willis
River Phoenix
Eddie Murphy
There are movie stars who are in bands and it works because they're not trying to be so super hip and they're actually good at it:
Woody Allen
There are stars who are in bands and I like them just for blowing out the Kitch-o-meter:
David Hasselhoff
Then there is the super ulta-rare circumstance when a cool movie star is in a cool band:
Juliette lewis.
I've been casually following Juliette and the Licks since I first heard about them is past fall. They play the Bowery Ballroom on the 28th. I've read that she puts on a wild show, I'll be out of town for then but hopefully they'll pop up somewhere else soon. The new single came out today and the full lenght album, You're Speaking My Language' is out may 16th.

i have to admit that i hate juliette lewis for bein a scientologist. that just blows the whole deal. bu i get the appeal. i went to your blog 3 times today, where oh where is my KOOOORRRRNNNNeeeeeee girl?
Le Tigre will be producing a track for Paris Hilton's upcoming debut album, "Paris is Burning." due out on Paris' own imprint, Heiress Records, distributed through Warner Bros.
I believe Lindsey Lohan just "cut" an album, too....
Is Jennifer Love Hewitt getting MARRIED ??
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