Monday, May 30, 2005


I looked Really Great Here

Villa Fay
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Back from coconut island. I was going to go on a COLOSSAL CRASH DIET in Saint Barts but ended up gaining weight because my advice to you: don't try to lose weight in a French colony, we were consuming one stick of butter after another. NBD. We had a terrifc time. Vacation reading:
Saturday by Ian McEwen. Neurologist has an off day. There's lots to chew on in this book and a berserk climax. B+ maybe an A.
Snobs by Julian Fellowes. Thumbs up, if you like Edith Wharton and Oscar Wilde you'll love this book. A+
Dueveen by S.N. Behrman and Saul Steinburg. Duveen built the art collections of Morgan, Frick, Huntinton, Kress, Mellon and others. He was an uncanny salesman and the first to figure out early that Americans with big money wanted to buy culture so he sold them European art. A boring read about an interesting subject. B-
Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. Written in the 70's... I found it in the beach house. The premise is that violent children are best suited to lead inter-galactic armies. It's similarity to Harry Potter was striking, but not as inventive. Curiously it won the Hugo and Nubula Sci Fi awards. C-
Also dug into some art essays including a selection from Cezanne by Roger Fry and Cezanne's Doubt by Merleau-Ponty. Gotta go look at those Cezannes again.

More Saint Barts Pics? Simply click on the image and you'll be instantly transported to my picture ward.

okay, i'm seriously hating you two for having such a fabulous vacation. okay, i guess i'm BEGRUDGINLY a tiny bit happy for you! wick and nic, come back to the five and dime!
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