Tuesday, May 31, 2005



Adam hussein of glc
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Tonight Goldie Lookin Chain was bustin up the Bowery Ballroom. It wasn't crowded but there were some diehard fans doing karaoke (lairy geezers one and all). Check out the chev standing infront of me, innit brilliant!
Lyrics from Half Man Half Machine:

eggsie: adam, do you read me over? i am going down the shop to buy 10 fags. do you need a drink or some crisps?

adam: you fukin' can't go down the shop like that man you got fukin' tin foil wrapped around your head

eggsie: it's not tin foil, it's my new skin. i am a robot i have interfaced with my spectrum. behold!

adam: you're fukin' nuts man, stop talking like that?

eggsie: what do you mean? it is my normal voice. my computer integrated voice circuit is making me speak like this.

adam: stop talking like that you fukin' bell-end, i'm getting a bit worried now

eggsie i am a robot, i am a robot. ah haaaaa.....

(more pics at Ficker, you knows it)

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