Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Gelatin Art Group

wunder. gelatin
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back in 2000 the art group Gelatin was working in the World Trade Center as part of that art program on the 92nd floor. They constructed a shack next to a window, they attached themselves to the walls of the shack with belts, then they cut a window out of the World Trade Center, quickly put down a pre built balcony constructed out of 2x4s, and at dawn, walked out on to the stumpy little balcony on the 92nd floor. Meanwhile, Leo Koenig was across the street on the top floor of a hotel taking pictures with a telephoto lens. I think there was also a hired helocopter documenting it. Long story short, they all got sued and in the settlement the photos were surpressed, I couldn't find any on the internet, but some photos of the event are out there, I saw one in the Horts collection. Leo has one of their photo sculptures up at his gallery right now. I superheart Gelatin.

We superheart Gelatin too! Leo,Kelli and Aidas (he just came in)
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