Friday, May 20, 2005


The art world can be sexist and complacent

Originally uploaded by Corncub. I give props to all the chicks who navigate this world. This is a mildly alphabetically list of woman artist whos work has made my life better, and I will not be shackeled by the limitations of so called "correct" spelling:
Janine Antoni,Marina Abromovic,Polly Apfelbaum,Alix Bagg,Lee Bontecou,Ina Barfuss,Louise Borgouise,Cecily Brown,Linda Benglis,Uta barth,Mary Cassatt,Ona B,Ellen Berkenblit,Hellen Chadwick,Dorothy Cross,Claud Cahun,Patricia Cronin,LeonoraCarrinton,Laura Cottingham,Marlene Dumas,Elaine DeKooning,DanceNoise,kim Dingle,Harriet Dodge,Ellen Cantor,ValiExport,Inka Essenheigh, Rochelle Feinstein,Rachel Feinstein,EveFowler,Tracy Emin,Katharina Fritsch,Andrea Fraser,Helen Frankenthaller,Ester Hammerman,Eva Hess,Rachael Harrison, Daphney Fitzpatric,Roxana Geffen,Nancy Graves,Wynn Greenwood,Nan Goldin,Mary Heilmann,Hanna Hoch,Birgitte Jorgensen,Frida kahlo,Stanya Kahn,Deborah kass,Barbara Kruger,Yayoi Kusama,Lee Krasner,Sara Lukas,Sharon Lockhart,LTTR,Sherrie Lavine,Rachel Lachowitz, Zoe Lenord, Joan Mitchel, Carrie Moyer,Agnes Martin,Marilyn Minter,Medrie McPhee,Annette Messager,Suzanne McClelland,Sara Morris,Paula Modersohn-Becker,Ana Mendieta, Louise Nevelson,Shirin Neshat, Alice Neel,Catherine Opie,Yoko Ono,Laura Owens,Georgia Okeeffe,Elizabeth Payton,Betty Parsons, Nikki deSaintPhalle,Judy Pfaff,Pipilloti Rist,Fiona Rae,Bridgit Riley,Lisi Raskin,Paula Rego,Faith Ringold,Amy Sillman,Nancy Spero,Sarah Sze,Sigrid Sandstrum(sp?),Jenny Saville,Sandra Scolnik,Kiki Smith,Lisa Sanditz,Leslie Singer,Pat Steir,A.L. Steiner,Allison Smith,Joan Snyder,Dana Shutz,Jessica Stockholder,Cindy Sherman,Nicola Tyson,Rosemarie Trockel,Cosima Von Bonum,Kara Walker,Suzanne Wright,Jackie Windsor,Rachel Whiteread,Laurie Weeks,Lisa Yuskavich,Andrea Zittel...and plenty more, especially young artists whos names I'm forgetting right now.

lily van der stokker
Of course, she's an excelent artist, and very deliberate, a curator at the Ludwig museum in cologne told me it took her 3 days to pick a color for part of a graphic she was painting on a wall there.
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