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Yeti Painting
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I've had a bad CD karma week. I sent away to AmazonUK for the new Yeti Cd but ended up accidentally getting the wrong Yeti CD. The Yeti I'm looking for is a Jon Haskel of the Libertines new project but instead I got some kooky prog rock crappapella, every song is a minimum of 3 hours long, shitski! I'll be getting the correct Yeti next week and will report back on it.

I have a car affectionately known as the Jammy Jar. It's a sprightly lil' hunk of tin and I adore it, though the price of petrol fucks my $hit up. Turns out one of the cheapest gas stations in NY is around the corner from me. Find the cut rate gas in your neighborhood here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page if your're looking out of NY.

The gas site is a good idea. Have you seen this cool project in kind of a loosely-related vein?

Also where is the Yeti painting from? I love it.
There is a gallery in Chelsea that seems to show a lot of recent grads and young artist. Some of the work is very good, much of what they show, like the Yeti painting, is BadGood. It's the same place I took the picture of the Racoon with the hard-on painting. I don't know what the name of the gallery is, it's on 23rd north west corner next to the bar.

The link you sent didn't work, can you try again?
I'll have to check out the gallery before we leave town. I don't know why the link didn't work. It seems to work for me. Here it is written out so you can cut and paste it:
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