Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Tormenting Afflictions n' Things

Dog with mouth
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I keep reading about the 22-20s being the vunderkin of SXSW. I saw them play a few weeks ago and thought they were alright, nothing earth shattering. Now, if you want truly slamming guitar driven poppy-punk check out this ace song, Shot Down by Nine Black Alps. They're opening for the Kaiser Chiefs touring in the UK right now. Their New CD is due out June 6th.
You will all be relieved to know that my tormenting affliction (or cold with flu like symptoms including splitting headache, backache, stomach-ache, fever, clogged sinuses, extreme irritability, sore throat, slight numbness in feet area, etc.) is finally getting better! Thanks tons to all of you who sent cards, flowers and Hickory Farms Assorted Gourmet Beef and Cheese Gift Baskets! My victory would be meaningless without you!
I'm giving a slide talk for the Hunter MFAs tonight so I gotta go get my shit together.

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