Thursday, April 14, 2005


Rabid Fan

Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Hunter MFA program is pretty cool. My lecture last night was a can of corn, I guess it didn't hurt that everyone was drinking beer through out my talk. Tom Sanfordis a student at Hunter and was recently picked up by Leo Koenig Gallery, it was fasinating talking with him and getting a deeper understanding of his work. I also met a guy named Scott Penkava who looks like Aladine Sane and make hilarious videos. I don't know if he has any presence on the web just now but I'll look into it.
This painting called Rabid Fan is for sale to benefit The Franklyn Furnace Archives. They gave me my first show in NY in 1991 (The Lesbian Museum, 10,000 years of Penis Envy), check out all the groovy art on line.
I've got a giant load of new Imports on there way from AmazonUK, HMV and Keith B. who's burning me some shit right this moment. so stay tuned for some new music reviews and other Humpery.

Thanks for the shout out and also for a really great talk at HUNTA. The beer is provided for the visiting artist's safety. Without it we become desperate, rabid, pathetic young artists (sort of like columbia MFAs).
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