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A+ Graffiti

A+ Graffiti
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Am I misconstruing the meaning of this graffiti or is it shorthand for ''I love Ass Sex'' ?

Got some CDs to share with yall. First; the new Fischerspooner single - Just Let Go. Thumbs up. It sounds very Fischerspoonery so if you liked their first album you will like this.
I got the Worlds Apart single by And You Will Know Us By the trail of Dead. They are new to me even though theyve been around long enough to put out 3 albums. The Worlds Apart single is loud and boisterous but melodic. It includes a cover of the Monkeys awesome hit -The Porpoise song- Its a super sonic version of a great song and is available on iTunes definitely check that out. Im curious about the album but cant say run out and buy it based on the single.

The Who BBC secessions are a rockus romp compilation of 8 years of recording sessions with the BBC. I havent listened to the Who in years and its a pleasure to hear these variations on classic Who material like Boris the Spider Im Free Happy Jack and some other Who material I was unfamiliar with.

Joy Zippers album American Whip just sent to me from keith Boadwee my music guru.
It sounds a little like a quite My Bloody Valentine -a little like Luna -if you like those bands youll like Joy Zipper. Its good. Its lush and some of the songs build slowly and pack a punch -a very nice soft punch... good driving music.

The best new French Invasion Cds:
Some blokes and a girl crooner who sounds a lot like Jane Birkin made an album called Nouvelle Vague -dont ask just buy. Loungy bosanovaish versions of post punk hits. Its perfect music for a dinner party of middle ages punkers... of which I am one.

Available at Other Music is another totally amazing compilation of French electronic pop -So Young So Cold- French Under Ground Music 1977-1983 from the TigerSushi label. There is heavy Gary Newman and Kraftwork influence... very sexy and hypnotic.

Le Nouveau rock n Roll Francais. Another brilliant record sent to me courtesy of Mr. Boadwee. Man the French are kicking elecrto-pop ass!!!

You are dead on about the ass love.
Thanks for the music tips.
Your blog is awesome!
I love the Nouvelle Vague CD too.
Though it doesn't sound as good with your head stapled to a pillow.
That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »
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