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Hey Kids, we're back from LA. We stayed with our pals Lara and Maia in Echo Park. Friday we shopped at Fred Segal for sunglasses and saw The Thing show at the Hammer ...that was amusing but no earth shattering moments. Did a whirlwind art tour on Saturday, listening to the Rhino two CD box set of the Monkeys while zipping around in our little Mustang convertible. The gallery scene in LA is always shifting around. The best shows we saw were in Culver City, the best BEST show was Amy Sillman's. Pictured here is a big painting called Elephant. Basically it's a sumptously painted abstraction with a trunk. Amy has almost completely left the land of image to enter a world of pure form line and color. Her abstractions are awesome, competent, and inventive. There are flurries of brush strokes and frothy layers of ugly/beautiful paint and nothing is precious. Great work Amy!
We went to a show about sound and image at LACMA that left us with bug eyes and migraines. Also at LACMA, a show of abstract paintings pulled from the permanent collection. We were pissed we didn't go see that first while our eyes were still functioning properly. Saturday night we were supposed to have Korean bbq dinner with Kate Moennig but the plan fell through... we also got to see friends Jamie and Andrea and their baby girl Finley who I taught to head butt. Ms. Cub and I are both home sick with fierce colds and having a comfy little pity party on the sofa. Brother Josh Eisenman told me everybody in NYC has a cold right now so I'm not allowed to feel bad for myself...
gtg back with some more art and music reviews wednesday.
Smell ya later...

its MoCA not LACMA

: )
I knew it was goddammed MoCA but Ms.goddammed Cub, who often THINKS she's right but is infact often WRONG, insisted that it was LACMA.
woo woo, I was right!
Firstly, "often" is a gross exaggeration, secondly, perhaps you should figure it out for yourself rather than always asking Mrs. Cub, and, lastly, all of America doesn't care for a gloater....

The Mrs.
Excellent, love it! »
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