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We went to see Downfall at the Filmforum the other day. Inside Hitler's Bunker, situation is fucked as the Russians overtake Berlin at the end of the war. There's lots of decadent partying and plans for suicide. It's heavy but gripping, a really good movie, try to see it. Sorry I've been slack on the music front. Last night I missed LouisXIV at the Bowery Ballroom because I got home too late from Bard, but Death From Above is playing this weekend, I'll be there, plus I'm expecting a GIANT package of CD's from The UK and Mr. Boadwee any day now.

Looking for a present for a kid I know, I came across this puzzling toy. I can't tell if it's a totally pathetic or if a kid might like it. Opinions welcome.

It has the power to mess up a person's hair! From twenty feet away! Who wouldn't love it?
I think it's the clothes ruffling that's most impressive. I will say though that any toy requiring the word "membrane" in its description is kind of, well, icky.
The girls lacrosse sticks we used in high school back in the 80's were made out of wood, leather and cat gut, (which would be in the membrane family) So, yes, membrane sounds icky but it is infact FUN, this is something the Americn Indians figured out a long time ago.
My birthday is in February-- if the intended recipient doesn't like the Air Zooka, send it to me!
Best regards from NY! film editing schools
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