Friday, April 15, 2005


Confusing Store

Confusing Store
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We saw this store in LA last weekend. Which is it, an 98 or 99cent store? Whatever it is, it's definitely a dollar MAX.
Got some CD's in the mail and some from Other Music today. First and most importantly, on import, Kill City's Single, Hooligans on E. Great song written by Pete Doherty and gifted to the band, also on the single is a acoustic cover of White Boy Brown Girl that I quite fancy. I picked up the first Rough Trade Shops Compilation. Listening to it as I type, It's brilliant, they are the best record label, period. All their compilations are worth picking up. I found the new Garbage CD, Bleed Like Me in the used bin at OM, hahaha, that was quick. They where never really my cup of tea but I read a good review in Time Out which piqued my interest. Don't bother with it, it's garbage, as t'were. Also Picked up MU's new CD Out of Breach. This ones going to take a little time to digest. It's art-rocky yet also dancey. I can't wrap my head around attempting to describe it but this review in Pitchfork does a good job.
Art Crawl with Amy Sillman and Medrie MacPhee tomorrow so stay tuned for some gallery reviews. I'm knackered from a long day at the studio. If I can get off the sofa I may go hear The Women play at LIT. I have no idea who they are but like the name and LIT is right across the street from the Corn Shed.

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