Friday, April 29, 2005


Art Brut Top of the Pops

Art Brut
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Art Bruts new single Emily kane is available at 45RPM to download, then check out the remix by Why Lout? Art Brut met at the annual Arthur Brut convention in Germany, CDTimes says "these 5 complete strangers were so taken with the eminent scientists work they formed a band in tribute to him there and then on the spot". Art Brut's CD is out at the end of May but they have videos and a Radio 1 session on their Website.
Fav song: Formed a Band.
This one of the BEST the best pop punk song I've heard, there is a video of it on the website but it's really retarded and sucks all the life out of the song, so best to just turn up the sound and ignore the naff animation.
Has anyone on this side of the puddle heard The lovely Brothers? They're suposed to be like a baroque Art brut (whatever that means). They have free downloads but when I tried to do it just now, it said come back in an hour...

Art brut= Genius. Why Lout?= Genius. Why Brut?= Genius. Remix= Genius.
original is superb, i think the remix is a bit better!
I really like that remix!
I've heard of the Lovely brothers

They're very amusing. I met one of them once, and he was incredibly rude to me, but his friends said that he was just angry at my mouse collection.

Bap Commandant!"!!!

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