Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Who is this Girl

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Stella Vine who painted this portrait of my hero Pete? Please scroll down to bottom of this bloglet to see my version of Pete Babyshambles Doherty. OOOooh it makes me feel all fistycuffy. Im very protective of him and on top of it shes showing this painting at my ex-dealers gallery in LA. ggggrrr

Teaching is really getting in the way of me enjoying a proper nightlife. I missed Goldie Looking Chain playing the Murcury Lounge on Monday because of my class schedual. BUMMER. these guys are a hilarious BritHop act. Downloads and stuff at their website
Yet another instance of a Brit act that sells out massive shows over there playing a hole in the wall in NYC! Anyhow GLC is alot of fun, if you find their CD Greatest Hits snag it.

On the adgenda for this week Im looking to catch the three Kippenburger shows and work on my shit. Ill post some new images from the studio tomorrow. By the way did you love that Inka Essenhigh painting at the art fair? I like her new use of real space at least its new to me.
One last Music Note.
Other Music is now selling
Kill the DJ part 2 mixed by Optimo.
AMazing mix 2 cd set!!! It was on my best of 2004 list and Im still wearing it out in my studio. Also have I insisted that you run out to buy IAN BROWNs SOLARIZED CD? it has recently been released here and it is brilliant, moving big music.
Time for another PG Tips
later kids.
PS can anyone tell me why I can't use commas in my blog? they come out as a series of wacky symbols

Your comma problems are probably due to a screwy setting in your Blogger account. I'm guessing you're using an encoding other than "Universal (Unicode UTF-8)". Check your settings page.

The other possibility is that if you're writing your posts in Word or some other program, then pasting them into Blogger, the encodings are incompatible. So stop doing that. Or give me a call and I'll walk you through fixing it.

Your Nerd-in-Law
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