Sunday, March 06, 2005


Sunday in studio

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â??allo everybody, I'm back from the dead. My dealer Leo Koenig killed me Friday night with a zillion beers topped off by a lethal injection of Jaggermeister. We drank with his new discovery, a shit hot painter named Kelli Williams. Her work is amazing.
She makes small paintings that might have been painted by Brueghel. They are nasty as hell, totally over the top, lusciously painted canvases.
Also shes been a bank teller for the last 8 years, (very Kafkaesque) now she has quit her job to finish a body of work shes been toiling on for the past 6 years! She will have a piece at the art fair next week so look out for it at Leos booth />On the Music front, been digging on Patrick Wolfs new single The Libertine. Ive got the CD coming in the mail from HMVuk (cheapest imports Ive found)
Also TOTALLY digging Manic Street Preacher's song Design for Life. Its on their new CD Called Everything Must Go. The album is just ok so if you can find the single of Design for Life (or maybe get it off the itunes store) its all you need to know from that CD.

I posted some more works in progres from my studio and one of my nephew's brilliant creations. It's a ketchup/Mustard war. I'm going up state until Wednesday but will post more then, meanwhile I'm DJing this friday at Loreley which is between Bowery and Christy st. I'll probabley start around 10:00-10:30. it's going to be a big art fair related party Leo Koenig is throwing for the euros who are in town.

It's very generous of you to include another artist on your blog. I can't wait to see all these paintings finished! Oh, and I love you.
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