Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Picking Up a Theme...

Originally uploaded by Corncub.
Cute yet pathetic and debased animals.

We had a little birthday party for me last night at Ma and Pa Corncub's house. This pig was gifted to me by my sister in law, Melinda. In my collection of animals with their asses in the air, this will certainly stand out as an object of note.
But more importantly, I discovered you can download (for free) a version of Fuck Forever, said to be a Babyshambles classic. Babyshambles is now in the studio after Pete Doherty's stint in prison and then rehab from his heroin/crack addiction. This version was recorded on a live radio show, it's not tight but you'll get a preview of what is certain to be (when this album finally gets released) the next giant British rock anthem for disaffected youth
Go to http://www.babyshambles.net/ and follow the links to Babyshambles/Libertines Downloads.

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