Friday, March 25, 2005


Music Notes

My set list from Glass looked something like this: Andrew Wk. Make Sex Selfish cunt Authority Confrontation Boogie Pimps Somebody to love The Soft pink Truth Homosexual Grafiti What is the problem M.I.A. Galang Art Brut Bad Weekend The Normal TVOD Audio Bullys We don’t Care The Monochrome Set Monochrome Set The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love Soho Dolls Prince Harry Chaz n Dave The Sideboard Song Gang of Four Damaged goods The Sparks This town Aint big Enough For the Both of Us Kaiser Chiefs Na Na Na Na Na White Sport Friendly Nice/Scag Lover And some other stuff… I got some great new music via the Royal Mail yesterday. First and most importantly, The Nine Black Alps single Shot Down is fun punky-pop …its melodic but with guitar driven ferocity. Also got my new Towers of London single. The Towers have an old school punk feel noisy and driving and really fun. Apparently their shows are completely mental. They enjoy bating their audience and starting fights at their shows by throwing amplifiers and mike stands into the crowd. There are some free downloads from their website Bought a Soft Cell best of CD. Haven’t listened to it yet but expecting the unexpected since I never paid that much attention the first time around. Tocotronic is amazing. He is the German Morrissey but not depressing, Morrissey on Prozac. Love it. The New Basement Jaxx single Oh My Gosh is pretty much a waist of money. It’s funky dancey stuff and doesn’t do anything for me. The Chalets four track single is pretty good. The best song Love Punch with lyrics “ I know you love me but your fucken crazy” is downloadable for free from If I ever figure out how to post links Artrocker will be one of them. Keith boadawee turned me on to Gonzales. I saw him play with peaches a few years ago but didn’t give him the time of day - he was just filler before Peaches went on. Hes a musical genius. The album called Z is electro and little hip hop and a MUST HAVE CD. Piano Solos is beautiful, hes classically trained pianist –his range is amazing. That’s it for now. I gotta go do my bloody taxes. My accountant Howie Seligman is the champion of the write off but still I am expecting to get served. Kaiser Chiefs play tonight at Bowery Ballroom, thatll set the mood right again! I’ll post pics tomorrow of Ricky and Peanut and the gang.

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