Thursday, March 24, 2005


I Assume Some Responsibility for This Painting

Originally uploaded by Corncub.
NOW WHAT? This is my student Jennifer Wongs painting. Shes in her first year at Bard -yet look at what she has made. Holy Guacomole. I brought my disco ball to class and constructed a compelling still life out of the disco ball and a skull

Methinks her hair is reflecting the light of the disco ball. Also her eye is sewn shut. Woah.

LOVE that painting. I love how she painted the disco balls. Good luck to her.
It's Rad. She's going to be a star!
the most original thing I've seen in a while
YO that Jennifer is cool!! Those disco balls look like they were cropped out of a picture- they're soo real looking. I hope I see her around in school sometime. BARD ROCKSSSSSSSS
Holy Guacomole is right! That's amazing. To me the girl is the picture looks like she is squinting becuase the disco balls are so shiny. And the colors in her hair look like dredlocks. GO JAMAICA!!
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