Saturday, March 26, 2005


Friday night rock show

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Last night the Chiefs tore up the Bowery ballroom. Lead singer Ricky's leg was in a cast but still he was all over the place like a Jumping Jack on emphetimines. I had fun dispite the middle age wankers on mega doses of ecstacy dry humping eachother and constantly falling into me. Whatev. The vibe was great, the show was a massive sing along. They played everything from the new CD Employment -a MUST HAVE- and a b-side from one of their singles.

oops. when i first saw this i thought it read "friday night cock show." my mistake.

thanks for the great music info.
Did you say cock row? I bet 10 clams on Big Red
hiya ong i love the cheifs!!! ricky wilson is very, very fit in my eyes i really want to see then your lucky! none of my mates would go with me
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