Thursday, March 24, 2005


DJ Woof at Glass

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Aka Jeff Gauntt spinning ebm and electro. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen what with his eastern european military look... Last night was the Spinart event at Glass where a bunch of artists take turns DJing. The snow kept the crowds thinner than they aughtoave been but still it was good and the music was Shit Hot. I had one moment every DJ dreads when the crowd turned against me. I put on a Chas n Dave beer drinking song resulting in a parade of dipsticks marching up to the DJ booth requesting that I kill it. HAHAHA shit well thats what happens...I rolled the dice with that one. Chas n Dave are definitely not welcome at Glass. I decided last night my dream venue would be a small bar full of drunk hooligans who might break out into sing alongs and maybe a few kids who would get up and dance every now and then.
David Humphrey was absfrickenlutely brilliant. It was his first time playing in front of a crowd and I believe he is hooked.
There is a lot on the agenda for the next few days so keep checking in.
later Kids

Is it me or does the skunk with a hard-on also look like he is spinning a disc?
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