Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A Blog Called Nowhere

Hi Kids, Whats happening? Some Rock Shows this week, Death From Above 1979 at the Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night, Ill be there. Missed Louis lV last night at Sin-e because of being stuck in a massive snowstorm upstate. Saturday Ive got Studio visitationals from my German dealer, a gallery I worked with in Tel Aviv, and an Austrian curator…busy weekend and as you can see from some of my posted images of works in progress Im barely ready for them to come. My pal Medrie McPhee came to look at the paintings and gave really good helpful crit. Im feeling like I dont want to deal with the Armory this year but the ol lady wants to go so will proly stop in Saturday. Dont forget to pop by the Loreley (7 Rivington St.) round 10:00ish Friday, it will be a far out party and Ill be laying down so music to snarf sausages and guzzle the pilsner to

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