Friday, March 11, 2005


Ballerina on Point

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1st place drawing in the Dutchess County Fair art contest last summer. The swollen toes are a comment on the bruutal physical demands of a dancers life.

CD of the Year
So far its the Kaiser Chiefs -Employment.
I got my Special edition import of it yesterday, it is amazing! Comes in a faux leather box with posters and games inside and bonus CD. No doubt they will be the Franz Ferdinand of 2005 and this cd will make a lot of best of lists.
Their web site is WWW.KAISERCHIEFS.CO.UK Check it out, they are a killer pop band.

The Whitney Museum is tearing down the mural I painted there in 1995 for that years Biennial. The good news is they asked me to propose a new project. I met with them on Wednesday and they liked my idea. Basically it is to take a year and a half off from life and work on one giant massive mural. It would be oil on canvas maybe 20 x40 or something like that. I have ideas about the subject matter but I need to get going to my studio this morning for visitors so wont get into it now. I am looking forward to changing the pace at which I work on a painting, devoting a major chunk of time to one piece.

I donâ??t know why this bog is giving me grief for usinâ?? commas but commas come out as a strange configuration of Greek letters, or maybe those are pharmaceutical symbols or sompnâ?? theyâ??re annoying. Anyone know what Iâ??m doing wrong?

See you tonight at Loreley.

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