Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Back from quick trip to San Fran

Hey kids, First of all, now it super easy to post comments, now you don't have to sign in, it's open for anyone... (hint hint) I was out in San fran last couple of days. It was suposed to rain the whole time I was there but the sun turned out and we had 60 degree weather two days in a row. I gave a talk at SFAI and hung with my homie keith B who is an absolutely topp hole host, whatever the hell that means. His guest bedroom decor is a psycho Brady girls/ Mark Hampton mash up. Totally amazing. We shopped for music like rabid music junkies, I came home with a trolly load of new stuff, I'll tell you about it as soon as I listen to it. The lecture was nerve wracking because some of Victorias family was there, they've never seen my work before. I was showing stuff with with titles, fancy, "Picnic in Cunt Hell of the Searing Heat" and "Jesus Fucking Christ". shit. Woah...... Here's something exciting: SPINART ANOTHER GENRE BUSTING ECLECTIC NIGHT OF MUSIC SELECTED BY NEW YORK VISUAL ARTISTS DAVID HUMPHERY SPINNING GROOVE ECLECTICA JEFF GAUNTT SPINNING EBM SYNTH ELECTRO NICOLE EISENMAN SPINNING ELECTRO-PUNK BRIT POP ADAM HURWITZ SPINNING DUBBY MINIMAL JUNGLE TECHNO WEDNESDAY MARCH 23, 2005 GLASS 287 10th ave at 26th st 9:00- 2:00 I think I'll go on around 11:00. Promis you'll have a spiffing time at this event. It's going to be off the hook, seriously. Way off. Plus I need moral support. Meanwhile I came across a good site to download MP3s, they give descriptions of everything making it easier to sort through and they got a Alright, I'll be back tomorra with some new news and pics of recent drawings from my studio. Tek it sleezy.

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