Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is what's happening, I was asked to do a show at the Kunsthalle Zurich, (tell your Zurichian friends), it's a pretty massive space. Even coming close to the genius of this Sarah Lucas installation won't be easy, but I'm beginning to amass work for it, 250ish borrowed works to start with then a few new ones. The show will open this April and then travel to to Paris to Frac Ile-de-France le Plateau. There could be a destination in Vienna... working on it. In any case, that's the skinny and part of the reason we've been away from the blog... that and Mrs. Cub, a.k.a. The Meatball, is needing A LOT of attention right now and is pushing to shut this blog down which frankly wouldn't be so bad since it's like totally transparent whats been going on here, the emperors new elephant in the room is out of the bag, I really have nothing to say!

OMG corny!!!! this is incredible. CONGRATS. did i say OMG yet?
p.s. holy crap.
holy holiest of craps. that's amazing corny! Congrats.

Also - If you need to take some time off of the blogs take some time off. We'll miss you but no probs. You've kinda got a lot goin' on.
I'm so happy for you Corn. Congrats!
I second that emotion of OMG! WOW! Congratulations, sir, you deserve it and more.
And being a mature person, I'll go ahead and agree with FB that if you need time off, yadda yadda, etc. etc., but ultimately I must firmly shut down the push to shut down this blog in any long-lasting way. Think of the chil'ren! (I mean us, not Chumley.)
Corns! That sounds like fun!!! Congrats. And if you'd like to borrow that nifty Picasso I have hanging in my all means. Hi to the Mrs!
Yeah. Thanks FB. I'm trying to use my time better, whatever the hell that means, working more I guess, I'm setting up a drawing studio at home so I can work there at night and not get sucked into the TeeVee as much.

God, why did you make me love TeeVee like a Stoli Razberi vodka loves a a splash of Grand Marnier?

But yeah, somethings gotta give with the blog, we'll see, not to worry capt'n, I'm not emotionally ready for drastic action.
Hate to break it Peeds but picasso never painted cats playing poker
Did you guys see the Tal-R show? I saw it yesterday and was blown away. I have big art crushes right now on Sarah Lucas and Tal R
Corny, huge congrats to you! So exciting. You are going to kick the ass of everything!!!!
mm yours is the ass (and box) I most want to kick
Ignored again! Man, I can't catch a break!
TAL R! Yes, must see that again. I really liked it ALOT.
But Corns, the guy who sold me the painting in the alley near Essex street assured me it was an original Picasso.
Maybe it's because I lost like 500 pounds. I'm just not that imposing anymore.
Peeds... next time you buy a picasso on Essex street make sure it isn't painted in PuffPaint®

300lb gorilla who's ignoring you? I'll pin their eyelids back while you do your monkey dance and I'll shoot bananas out my ass, I feel sure this is the best way to proceed.
Corny!!! congrats x fifty. They say the Swiss have the best quality of life in the world, and it's about to get even better... lucky bastards.
C'mon, haven't you seen his "Puffy Period?" It was an experimental phase.
Peeds was that before or after Glitterism and the Milk Carton Dreidel/ Dinosaur Diorama period?

Thanks Sloths, hope your not dying in the flatlands.
corny, a blog called nowhere must go on... it's a reason to get out of bed in the morning. keep it real, shaniqua. xo a blog called boadwee
Yo Grammy Master Boadwee, I was just enjoying that Donovan song you sent,
"I Love My Shirt"
I am circulating a petition amongst the animals in the emperor's zoo. We are going to send it to you once completed. This is an attempt to keep Nowhere GOING AT ANY COST.
where do I sign???!!!
Congrats, Corny! It's incredible.
Great work, man. Keep it this way.
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