Monday, November 06, 2006

We'll be giving haircuts to all the Clients at the Upstate Facility today. I'm doing everything in my power to make my class look like this.

We will be back tomorrow to discuss the media's recent love affair with the art world. Your homework assignment is to review the new Vanity Fair "art issue" featuring "renowned artist Robert Wilson's groundbreaking take on portraits in the 21st century"

I may not actually be able to write about it tomorrow. This groundbreaking has shaken me to the core, changing every thing I've ever thought or felt about portraiture, I may need to spend a few days in bed talking only to my therapists on the phone so to process my feelings about Robert Wilson, a veritable earthquake of an artist!

i still can't get over that photo of KB in shorts and high heels. a 15-year regression for women everywhere.
Fascinating portrait! Shook us to the core, too - reminded us of something we forgot to do in the shower this morning. (sometimes just too tired)
hahaha 3d, you cracks me up.

I left The Mounds at 7AM now home at 10pm, brain she no worky, just here to say HI!
Dubz, I hear that girlfriend (or wife to be). I almost puked when I saw that pic. Well, when I saw most of them.
Keith Boadwee in shorts and high heels? I think that would have the opposite effect... where do I see these toothsome pics?
Fleshy, it's all in Vanity Fair. The Picks of Boadwee you speak of are in my wallet, you might be able to see them, depending on where your at on the Scientology ladder or purity.
Hey Dubz if women regress 50 years instead of 15 we may reach a point in art history where people gave a shit about your style of painting.
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