Monday, December 26, 2005

Brian Jungen

Incase you were wondering...
Baer Faxt Readers Poll Results

Favorite Museum Show: Richard Tuttle (SF Moma/Whitney) Honorable Mentions Jeff Wall (Tate/Schaulager) and Jean Michel Basquait (Brooklyn/MOCA, Houston MFA) Least Favorite Museum Show: Elizabeth Murray (MoMA). Dishonorable Mentions "Russia"(Guggenheim) and "Greater NY" (PS 1)

Favorite Gallery Show: Mike Kelly (Gagosian/NYC) Honorable Mentions Giacometti (Pace) and Candace Breitz (Sonnabend) Least Favorite Gallery Show: Damien Hirst (Gagosian/NYC) Dishonorable Mention Keith Tyson (Pace)

Favorite Emerging Artist: Brian Jungen Honorable Mention Elliott Hundley

Favorite Established Artist: Paul McCarthy Honorable Mention Gerhard Richter

Favorite Arts Magazine: ArtForum

Favorite Arts Critic: Jerry Saltz

Favorite Auction House: Christie's 54%; Sotheby's 23%; Phillips 23%

Ms. Cub and I got back from San Francisco last night and are leaving for Florida at 6:ooam. The holiday's require alot of work socializing with family, my life is a vacation in compairison and I can't wait to get back to it, back to the studio. We've decided all holidays will, from here on out, be spent at home (now clodishly dubbed The Mounds).
From the bottom of my leaden heart, Happy New Year. xoxo

That's right. Make them come to you. All must convene at The Mounds for future holidays!! That is what you meant, right?
MMWWAH!(Big smooch to you and Mrs. Cub.)
Nicole I just saw a postcard of that sculpture at Hunter, so cool, who did that? the air jordan one
Actually a lifestyle magazine for male artists called Artforhim would be awesome. Could include articles on schmoozing collectors. trimming nose hair, how to make the ladies do your laundry and cool bars in Miami. Why does Maxim never have articles on how to give decent head when Cosmo always does? Artforhim could take the lead in rectifying this oversight.
does everything yawl do just have to turn into a selfserving creative endeavor, I can't take it anymore gagme with a ray of glee
I liked the Tyson show - despite it's uneven and overproduced nature, there were a lot of ideas going on there. Is it fair that the politics of what his show represents in a general manner more powerful than the art itself?
Has anyone attempted a "least-favorite critics" poll? I've got a couple of names for that list...
Saltz would be on my least favorite list. What a schlub.

ArtForHim sounds like a brilliant idea.
Hey Kennybeans Right back atchya xoxox
Patrick, the picture is a piece by Brian Jungen, but youv'e proly figured that out by now...
Kelli, Artformen is a really good idea for a magazine! It could open with a cover story where we would gobig game hunting with Richard Serra. You've so got your finger on the pluse!
SS, I missed the Tyson show... but Nicola Tyson has a show opening at Preztel in February and she's not to be missed.
About Saltz, I don't mind him, he seems to have fun with it all.
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